Kevin Gochez is a multidisciplinary artist born in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1998. Based in Baltimore, his work consists primarily of photographs and video, as well as a musical output under the moniker "mrmrs." He received his AFA in Studio Art at Montgomery College and is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Mission Statement

           My practice is the result of a lifelong struggle with identity and an insatiable drive for relief through the cathartic act of creation.  Through performative acts, documented in photographs, video, and installations, my work confronts narratives surrounding the American latinx experience while also refusing to acknowledge them altogether. This internal conflict is expressed through two  methodologies of picture-making: self-portraiture and nude figure studies.

          Using my body as subject, through costuming and makeup I am able to mask my own traits and transition between characters, real and imagined, trying on tropes and archetypes while hoping to eventually settle on one to call my own—the ultimate assumption of a role  that transcends performance. My nudes are strictly observational. They function as a means of escapism where aesthetics and form take priority over the need for sociopolitical commentary, Grounded in intuitive improvisation and steeped in western photographic tradition, these photographs are documents of ephemeral moments captured in nature portraying  kinetic gestures in dialogue with the environment they are made in. Removed from any reference to their time or place, these images function as not only documentation but as declarative proof of both mine and my subjects’ physicality and existence. 

Photo: untitled (quarantine selfie), 2020

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